Are Coffee Cups Oven-Safe? Explained 

With mug cakes becoming popular, you might be wondering, are coffee cups oven-safe? Read here to find out!

Are coffee cups oven-safe?
After a quick session with Uncle Google, I discovered that coffee cups are oven safe

Did you need to leave your coffee for an urgent phone call or meeting, but now it’s stonecold? I don’t encourage reheating drinks in the oven. Even if the coffee becomes warm again, its taste is different. 

I was initially skeptical about putting coffee cups in the oven. After a quick session with Uncle Google, I discovered that coffee cups are oven safe. But not every mug can withstand the reheating process. 

A Brief History Of Coffee Cups

Coffee mugs’ origin dates back to 10,000 BCE, to the Neolithic period when people drank from wood or animal skulls. Then clay mugs come into the scene, intricately designed with just the crafters’ hands before the invention of the pottery wheel. Although these mugs were durable, they had thick walls, making drinking out of them a challenge.

Metal cups turned up at around 2,000 BCE. They were not a popular choice as they could poison and burn the drinkers’ hands and mouths. 

Finally, ceramics were used in 206 BCE. They are still the go-to materials for holding hot and cold beverages. Although they are safe for oven use, some ceramic coffee mugs can explode. 

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How To Check If Your Coffee Cup Is Oven-Safe

Check its bottom for any “Oven-Safe” labels to see if your coffee cup is oven-safe. It can also be a symbol showing a drawing of an oven. 

If you can’t find any indication on the mug, scan its packaging. According to the manufacturer, you may also find the highest temperature it can withstand.

Ceramics & Porcelains

Are coffee cups oven-safe?
Ceramics dominate the coffee cup market as they are affordable, come in every design

Take note that ceramics are different from porcelain. These are made from clay, but regular porcelain goes through higher temperatures, making it translucent and thin. 

Porcelains are easily affected by thermal shock, so they are not for your oven. It’s also the same for bone china, fine china, and other earthenware.

The Best Coffee Cup to Buy

Americans consume an average of over three cups daily. If you’re one of them, investing in a reliable coffee mug is necessary. But what material of coffee mug should you get?


Ceramics dominate the coffee cup market as they are affordable, come in every design you can think of, and don’t affect your coffee’s taste. A standard ceramic cup cools down fast, and those that don’t always cost more. 


Heavy and resistant to chipping, stoneware is perfect for those who want to elevate their coffee-drinking experience. It feels and looks like art pieces but is more costly than ceramics. 

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Stainless Steel

If you want something that can hold your steaming hot coffee well and is an excellent companion for traveling, go for a stainless steel coffee cup with a lid. 


Glass is the most versatile when it comes to aesthetics and elegance. However, it’s a poor insulator, so you can’t enjoy your hot coffee for long. Not to mention, they are also very fragile. 


A plastic coffee cup is very durable and cheap but affects the coffee’s taste as the oils leak into the plastic. It’s also bad for the environment. 


Using a paper cup is an excellent way to help the environment because even if it’s single-use, it’s still recyclable. It’s also portable and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for travel. However, it doesn’t deliver the coffee’s authentic taste, and it’s usually challenging to hold. 

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Benefits Of Using Oven-Safe Coffee Cups

If you don’t bake often, having an oven-safe coffee mug lying around can be handy. You can bake without paying for ceramic baking dishes or cups, especially if you only want to make portions for one to two people. 

Cleaning will also be more accessible, as you won’t need to wash two different kitchen wares. You just have to clean the coffee mug well so the dessert you baked today won’t affect the taste of your coffee tomorrow.

Coffee Cups For Mug Desserts

Another thing that piqued my interest is the countless mug desserts I always encounter online. As I am not a gifted baker, I did not invest in proper baking materials. 

The recipe I love the most is the Moist Chocolate Cake In A Mug which takes under 10 minutes. Plus, it doesn’t require many ingredients and effort. 

Take some flour, milk, egg, sugar, cocoa powder, extra virgin olive oil, and dried yeast. Mix them all, then stick the cup in the oven for 8 minutes at 400°F. Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and you get an unforgettable dessert you can enjoy and serve to your houseguests!

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Coffee Cups For The Future

There are movements encouraging individuals to reduce wastage, including coffee and tea drinkers choosing to use refillable mugs versus single-use paper and styrofoam cups. So, get yourself a dependable coffee cup for your beverages to help the Earth breathe.

FAQs About Oven-Safe Coffee Mugs

Can I Put Coffee Mugs In The Oven?

Coffee mugs with “Oven-Safe” labels or an oven drawing symbol are 100% safe for oven use. If there is no indication on the mug, check its container. Never put porcelain, bone china, fine china, and earthenware inside an oven.

How Can You Tell If A Cup Is Oven-safe?

Oven-safe mugs are advertised as such. They usually come with a printed recommendation and “Microwave” or/and “Dishwasher” safe labels. If you fail to see any prints on the cup, inspect its box for any instructions from the manufacturer.

Can You Put A Dollar Store Mug In The Oven?

It Will Depend On The Material Of The Coffee Mug You Purchased. Since Most Coffee Cups Are Stoneware And Ceramic, They Will Be Safe For Oven Use.

However, you still need to be sure about the cup’s material. Stonewares are dense and generally have unglazed bottoms. Oven-safe ceramics have glazed surfaces and are thicker than porcelain and china.

How Much Heat Can A Coffee Mug Withstand?

Ceramic coffee mugs can withstand up to 3,000°F, but sudden changes in the temperature crack the ceramic. 


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